Sunday, 2 February 2014

Exploring Our Oceans MOOC

Just a quick post - there will be more on the way! Are you a student trying to work out what to study at university? Or someone just looking for something new to learn? Well, if so, then this could be just for you! MOOCs are becoming more and more popular and now the University of Southampton are offering one based in oceanography! From experience, I can tell you that oceanography is an incredible degree and you get to cover some truly interesting things! However, I was myself a little unsure about doing it when coming to university just because I had done so little of it before. This is why I think the MOOCs are a great opportunity to learn something new, and explore a discipline that, as a student you might not of covered much before. Also, let's remember that the oceans cover ~70% of the Earth's surface so they are pretty important!!! 

Anyway, the course starts tomorrow (sorry, really should have posted this much earlier!) but it isn't too late to sign up. 
This is the link for more information:
They are FREE and can be completed online, from the comfort of your own home! So, what is stopping you from signing up! 
This is the link to follow their blog which, even if you aren't doing the course, should prove to be an interesting read anyway!

This is not the only Earth Science related MOOC out there (just google it and you will find loads!) and they are great ways of expanding your knowledge - let me know if you find any good ones! This is the only Oceanography based one I have found and there isn't really anywhere better to do it than with the National Oceanography Centre! 

For those of you signed up, I hope you enjoy it and learn loads! The oceans are a truly fascinating thing yet so much remains unknown!