Sunday, 27 March 2011

Japan Earthquake: A Horizon Special with Iain Stewart

I have literally just watched this and it is without a doubt one of the best documentaries/TV programmes that I have watched on the Japanese Earthquake, if not the best. Not only does it cover the impacts of the earthquake and tsunami by presenting the shocking images from during and after these disasters hit but also goes on to explain why the earthquake was so big and why the tsunami was so destructive. The problems being experienced with nuclear power are explained whilst maps are used to represent where the worlds nuclear power plants are located in relation to the tectonic plant boundaries.The issues surrounding earthquake predictions are also presented and the documentary explains that, although at present we cannot predict earthquakes, we are getting better are pin pointing areas that are suseptible to large and destructive earthquakes. On top of all of this, the likelyhood of Tokyo experiencing the much dreaded 'Big One', after recent events, is explored.

This is definetly well worth watching and I would highly recommend it! You can catch it on BBC iplayer 

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