Saturday, 20 August 2011

Invictus - a students film review

This is another film based in South Africa and on Nelson Mandela and if you are planning on trying to watch this and the last film, I would advise watching Goodbye Bafana first as it is set beforehand.

So, Invictus follows the story of Mandela after he is released from 27 years of imprisonment for fighting against apartheid. After being released from prision he became the first democraticly elected president of South Africa. Instead of looking to take revenge, he forgave his oppressors and  went in search of a way to unite the greatly divided country. He found the common ground he was searching for in an unlikely place: the rugby field, a place that for many had strong links to aparthied, and this is where the film's main theme lies. Through rugby, Mandela felt he could unite the broken South Africa and so he asked the national rugby team captain, and his underdog team, to win the world cup.

Is it a good geography film? Well, for much the same reasons as Goodbye Bafana, in relation to the Development and Globalisation module, it is pretty good. I think it quite nice to watch both of them as they are closely related to each other and Invictus kind of follows on from Goodbye Bafana. The film provides another look at aparthied, although more specifically some of the resulting problems in the country, and I think that to be able to understand the development of South Africa, you need to have some understand of aparthied and the impacts in had on development. Again, this film provides an insight into the levels of development in South Africa at that time and the problems that Mandela had to solve in order to allow the country to develop more sustainably. There is a bit of geopolitics throughout the film and just some other general geographical references that make it quite a good geography film to watch!

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