Thursday, 26 January 2012

History of Poole and the Twin Sails Bridge project

Here are a couple of timelines related to Poole that hopefully summarise the information on the Poole Borough website and various other sources regarding the general history of Poole and the more recent regeneration plan with particular focus on the Twin Sails Bridge - not that exciting but it is only for one more week!!!

The first timeline covers the basic general history of Poole. I am guessing the most important things to take from this are the changes in population and industry over time as, combined, they have driven the need for regeneration in Poole.

The second timeline covers (in more detail than I am hoping we need to know!) the key events in the planning and completion of the first stage of the regeneration, the building of the Twin Sails Bridge.

If you have not been on the Poole Borough website for a while it might be worth checking out again as they have added lots of more documents, like a leaflet on the new road layout, that are probably worth a quick read.
I am starting to run out of ideas about what else to cover between now and the exam as I think I have covered most of the geographical skills stuff (apart from fieldwork) so if anyone has anything they would like me to cover then just let me know!

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