Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Iceland Fieldtrip 2012 so far....

Iceland so far....... After what seemed like a rather long bus journey to Heathrow, before a three hour flight, we finally arrived in Iceland!!! The first glimpse of Iceland Countryside was that dusted with snow but it still looked bleak when compared to Somerset! First up was a trip to the Blue Lagoon which many of us where a bit unsure about; especially considering it was snowing/sleeting outside!!! But it actually was quite nice, although a tad surreal as the water was lovely and warm but the air temperature was freezing and it was snowing! Although many others and myself are still questioning how it is meant to help your skin by rubbing this sticky grainy white paste on your face, it was quite relaxing after our journey. The teachers seemed to really enjoy it ( or maybe it was because it enabled them to distance themselves from us students!) and throughout today many have remarked that they would like to end everyday with a trip to the Blue Lagoon. We left all smelling of sulphur which apparently we will get used to by the end of the trip! After this us bunch of tired and hungry students travelled to a restaurant for dinner. On the way we got our first glance of the capital and it wasn't quite what i expected as was rather different from UK cities. I think most of us stuck to the burgers but a few tried the minke whale which was an 'interesting' choice in my opinion - I think I may to persuade those people to watch a documentary like the Cove and see how they feel about it then!!! We all had had a rather long stressful day so soon retired to our rooms for much needed sleep.  Up bright and early this morning we drove past the whaling ships - I do wonder why Iceland still kill whales but I am not quite brave enough to quiz our Icelandic tour guide. We past others sites such as the last catholic church, later learning that icelanders have beheaded most of their bishops so perhaps it not surprising only one church remains. Our main activity was caving in lava tubes - Millie took lots of pictures and i will upload mine when get back - and we were all a bit nervous. When I wasn't looking at the floor the features on the Walls were amazing, but it was a bit icy in parts so I personally was sliding everywhere! I think the worst part was when all turned of our torches as it went pitch black. After a while many us just wanted to get out so it proved interesting when the guide told us to go and explore to find our own way out! Millie bravely lead the way as we slid on stomachs to the relentless chant of "are you sure we can get out this way?"! Fortunately we could and Millie was stood at the exit with the camera no doubt catching some interesting photographs as we clambered out of the tunnel and in to the open air at last. However, we were also greeted few snowballs as well. Next moved on to the rifts which were so big and this river where people throw Coins into. Another snowball fight occurred in this World Heritage Site; really setting the tone for the day as whenever snow was around snowballs were launched everywhere, with Millie and Nick the main targets for the boys. Geysirs were next and these were pretty cool - i have some quite good footage which I will post with an explanation. Before going to the hotel we went to see a few waterfalls, and in think we are going to see some more tomorrow. In them quiz tonight a group of students beat the teachers team so I reckon they ate pretty chugged with themselves. A more detailed account with pictures will appear when I get back but i should probably get some sleep. hopefully it will stop raining before morning otherwise we are going to get very wet tomorrow!!!..

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