Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Development Discussion

Hello everyone! Right, I am about to try something different, so you will have to bare with me...... after Millie suggested in our last lesson before half term that revising in groups is the best way to do it, I have had numerous questions to do so. Therefore, I thought, why not do them online so, after some consultation with fellow students I have decide to try and run live discussions like Millie does. The idea is that we can discuss things, ask each other questions, share resources and revise together online and it is just easier to host it through my blog. Hopefully, they will prove beneifcal to everyone involved and become a regular thing.

So, the first one is scheduled for this Thursday (05/04/2012) at 19:30. If you are around join in, and spread the word to all other geographers. First topic for discussion is development and globalisation - I have a few discussion starting points in mind, but think of some questions to ask etc and I will see you there......


  1. Will you be scheduling any more of these development discussions?

    (I must add that your blog is so helpful! The Poole notes were great in January!)

    1. Thanks, I am glad you are finding the blog helpful - let me know if there is anything you would like me to cover....

      Hopefully, I will be scheduling some more discussions, and not just on development but the other modules too, over the coming weeks; they proved quite popular amongst some of my friends who have also asked me to host some more. Therefore, next time if I advertise it more then hopefully more people will join in and they will be even better!

    2. Yeah, just give a bit of warning for it and ill try to get some friends from my sixth involved too

    3. That would be good! I am going to run another one this Thursday starting live at 7:30pm. I will post the viewing window on the blog before then so people can leave questions and discussion points in advance.