Friday, 17 August 2012

Next Chapter For 'What I learnt in Geography this week.....'

Big day for us students yesterday!!! I hope that you all got the results you wanted/needed and are looking forward to opening new chapters of your lives, in which ever direction that maybe! For me, well I am off to university in September and, you guessed it, to do a geography-related degree so that means lots more blogging from me!

I just want to say another huge big thank you to the Geography department for getting me through these two years and for encouraging me to take an earth science-related degree. I took Geography as an A-level as I enjoyed it at GCSE but also as I did well at it at GCSE. It turned out to be by far my favourite A-level and a subject that I have developed a passion and enthusiasm for - one that I realise borders on annoyance now for those who have to put up with it!!! You three taught me so much and I finally got the hang of mentioning people, not focusing on the science, which I know sounds like a really simple thing but I have a tendency to overcomplicate!!! After your hard work getting me to this stage (especially Nikki with regards to mentioning people!) I think I owe it to you to continue in a similar light so despite my chosen degree focusing on the physical side I will try and write about human geography as well (also I have promised a few readers of this blog that I will continue to do so too!). So, any students out there contemplating A-levels, Geography is by far the best and is relevant to so many things. It is definetly not an easy A-level but honestly you won't regret taking it! Also thanks to all the people who have been reading this blog throughout the last year; I hope it proved useful for the students among you and interesting for those just looking for something to read - It has even been nominated for the 2012 Most Fascinating Student Blog! Your support and the knowledge that someone out there is reading this has kept me going.....

Now to my suprise, many of my Geography classmates from college commented yesterday on the lack of posts over the summer since we broke up, saying that everytime you checked you were disappointed that I hadn't written anything. So apologises but I thought we all deserved a break!!! That doesn't mean to say though that I haven't been doing absolutely nothing Geography-related over the last couple of weeks; especially considering how much relevant stuff has been in the news. So I suppose I had better start sharing all I have discovered with you guys; where to start though is the next question......

Good luck with whatever you decide to do! I will be blogging away I am sure whilst at university and for new A-level students, all my A-level notes are on here and will remain so, and I will try and write relevant posts for you aswell! If you ever have a question don't be afraid to ask; I will always try my best to answer them.  I would advise anyone at college to consider blogging and trying to persuade their teachers to get involved as I personally think that the teacher-student blogs and other social media resources accessible to me were invaluable (and the feedback I recieved from many of you said the same!) - Millie sure did a great job with it all!!!

Thanks again and good luck! Stay in touch and stay tuned.....

'Vicki The Geography Student' signing out for the last time as an A-level student!


  1. Good to hear you are on your way! You are right; Geography is such a portal. Again, all the very best in everything ye do. I am learning about the Ophiolite in my Northern Isle. Visiting grandson wants to be a vulcanologist...I tell him not to look into the abyss too much, lest it looks back. But he is only nine..
    Take care.

    1. Thanks, I can't wait to start my degree and finally be at a level where teachers won't be telling me to hold back on the science!!! Volcanology is a very interesting field and I watched quite a good documentary the other day that covered some of the basics behind the Icelandic volcanoes ( - Any students starting A2 this year it is a programme to watch as it covered some of the case studies you need). I was fortunate enough to visit Iceland a few months ago on a fieldtrip and it is an incredible place - we even went sledging on Katla!!!

      If there is ever anything you would like me to write about just let me know - I am always on the hunt for new academic challenges!

      Thanks again and it is great to know you are still reading this blog...