Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The End of A-Level Geography : (

Well as the 4B exam was yesterday (I hope it went well for everyone that sat it!), it officially marks the end of A-level Geography for us all. So, congratulations fellow students we have finished and teachers well, congratulations for surviving 2 years with us (especially Millie for putting up with my class as we weren't exactly an easy bunch)!!!

On behalf of all the Geographers at college, I would like to thank Millie, Nikki and Nick for all their help and support over the last two years; you really do make a great department! On a more personal note, I would like to thank all three for putting up with my endless questions and entertaining my enthusiasm which I realise probably became a great annoyance at times. Nikki, thanks for marking endless past paper questions and helping me make sense of human geography a bit more - hopefully I finally got my exam technique right and remembered to mention people - it helped me so much. Thanks Nick for helping me with 4B, an exam that I don't think I will ever understand but hopefully I have done better this time. And lastly Millie, well thanks for everything! You more than anyone has had to deal with my questions and my desire to understand stuff that the syllabus does not allow for. You have taught me so much in two years it is actually quite remarkable, whilst also giving me a passion for Geography which provoked me to totally change my future plans. I really could not thank you enough for all you have done for me, including getting me blogging!

I personally think this blog has been a success as it certainly has helped in a many ways, including improving my writing and my ability to recall facts/statistics; and I hope that other students have found it useful too. I think that what Millie has trialed and achieved with social media's incorporation into education is incredible! For me, I think it makes learning so much more accessible, extending it beyond the classroom and I feel that so many more students could benefit from it if it was to be extended to other subjects across college.  The benefits of what Millie has incorporated into her teaching could form an endless list, in my opinion, but it would be really great though to get some feedback what you think about this blog (and Millie's blog along with all the other social media stuff she has used, if you have used it) regarding if you have found it useful and why, any improvements you could suggest and if you would like to see this in other subjects etc. I know that Millie, myself and college would really appreciate this feedback. So if you have got a minute just leave a comment below, email or FB me - it is always great to know if someone finds this helpful!

Whats next for the blog though I hear you all cry!? Well, there is no way that I can survive the entire summer without doing anything Geography-related so I will probably write the odd post every now and again, so pop back from time to time if you too are missing Geography! Hopefully, if everything goes to plan, I should be off to university later in the year to study (you guessed it!) a Geography-related degree so as long as the university doesn't mind I will blogging about 'What I learnt in Geography this week.....'! Also, as all my a-level notes will remain on here, hopefully they will continue to help all students embarking on a-level Geography (best A-level to take in my opinion by the way!).

So thats it, the end of A-level Geography, it has gone so fast, and seems really wierd to think that I have no studying to do all summer. We have all worked so hard, so time to relax and and enjoy your summer - I bet we are all hoping for some lovely summer anticyclones, right!?!

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